What Our Heavenly Father Wants this Father’s Day (and every day)

Fatherhood is awesome.  It can push you to start doing strange new things, like changing diapers, singing along to silly kids’ music, fixing leaky plumbing, and building birdhouses.  

Our heavenly father still smiles when we do things that please him, just like our earthly parents did when we were growing up, and like we do for our own kids now.  

Sometimes, though, we just don’t know what things please our heavenly father.

Or do we?!?

I think we actually do.

I like to imagine that more than anything, he just wants to visit with us.

Call your dad today!

I took a few minutes yesterday to call my dad.  He was busy playing dominoes with several other family members, and he was clearly distracted (he’s very competitive).  I felt like he didn’t want to be talking to me; like he’d rather focus on his game.

But he stayed on the line with me, and he eventually realized that his focus was elsewhere.  I observed him get lost in our conversation.  I would hear things in the background like, ‘It’s your turn, Gordon!’ and ‘We’re still waiting on Dad!’

He was starting to take some serious flak from others at the table.

This told me he was actually more focused on our conversation than what he was doing at the card table.  Knowing that made me feel good, like it was important that he talked with me.  I’m sure it was important to him, especially since we don’t see each other often (we live several states apart)

I think it’s safe to say that you’re the same way, no matter what age your kids are:

Spending time with your children gives you joy.

The Bible says ‘we are made in his image‘ (Genesis 1:27) so we can safely assume he experiences incredible joy when we talk to him through prayer and worship.  I think he gave us earthly parents to show us a little bit of his love for us.

This is true whether you’re an irresponsible adult or you live the straight and narrow.  It’s true whether you ride a skateboard to work or you ride in a Town Car to work every day.  And it’s true whether you’re married or divorced, happy or sad, tall or short.

Just as he sent his son to guide us back to him, he wants to be in conversation with us.  He won’t necessarily solve all our problems or grant us infinite wishes, but he will listen and love us just the same.

And if we spend time listening to him in return, we just might experience a new kind of joy.

So I issue you a challenge:

Call your dad; no matter the status of your relationship.  Ask him questions, and listen.  And know that he is experiencing a deep sense of joy by talking to you.


What do you think:  Is there a God?  Why won’t he fix things for us, like our earthly dads?  Leave a comment to join the conversation.