Speak now or forever hold your peace.

This is a common saying in weddings. The pastor asks this question to see if anybody has any objection as to why a couple should not get married.

But it has far wider implications than just a wedding ceremony.

Have you ever felt like you should speak up about something? Did a little part of you twist in knots as you wrestled with speaking up or remaining quiet?

Perhaps you weren’t at a wedding, one where you hardly knew the couple and your objections would be briskly pushed aside.

Perhaps you were in a meeting at your office, and your instinct to speak up and guide the conversation to a productive closing was overtaken by your training to *not* be a disruptor. I’ve been there, and it is awful.

You start thinking about how if you speak up you’ll be reprimanded, chided, embarrassed or fired.

In the grand scheme of things, these aren’t that bad compared to living with the fact that you withheld your power when it was needed most. Your gift is useless unless you give it to others.  Worse than useless, actually.  It’s trash.

Give a hoot; don’t pollute.

Seth Godin does this a great deal of justice in his post three days ago: The cost of neutral