Seven Facebook Tips For Increased Engagement

We all want increased engagement, right?  It validates us; it makes us feel listened to, even.  Likes, shares, and comments help us engage with others in ways that were physically unrealistic ten years ago.

emoticon sketches

image courtesy Flickr user Luigi Mengato

If we’ve learned anything from going digital, it’s that yelling louder or more frequently doesn’t mean our message is any more important than the next guy’s.  Big media and old-school types are still working in that space, but they seem to be slowly coming around.

With the power to now control the information we digest, media is becoming less ‘broadcast-ey’ and more ‘invitational’.  As in, “we invite you to join our conversation because we think it will be worth your time.”

The competition for our attention has never been fiercer.

Whether you’re a Social Media manager for a Fortune 500 client, a suburban housewife whiling the days away, or the newest baby boomer to join the Facebook revolution, these tips will help you spread your message. (Assuming it has any value at all to begin with.)

Here’s a condensed version of Buffer Blog’s latest post on Facebook Statistics:

  1. Start with a thousand words.  Photo posts have 39% higher interaction.  Photo albums (of related photos) get even more.  
  2. Brevity=King.  Simply, shorter posts get more interaction.  Less than 70 words produce about twice as much interaction as posts above 140 words.  This could be our ADD-afflicted society, or it could be that we truly need to kiss more (‘Keep It Short, Stupid’).
  3. ^___^ Emoticons, you know, those silly little faces made up of standard punctuation, increase comments and shares by 33%, and increase likes by 57%.  :)
  4. Is it the weekend yet?  Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursday and Friday, probably because people are checking in with their friends and putting plans together for the weekend.  It could also be because (according to Gallup) 70% of people report being disengaged with their jobs, and are looking forward to the weekend so they can escape work for a couple days.
  5. Say What?!?  Question posts get more comments, but fewer likes and shares.  The best question words are ‘should’, ‘would’, and ‘which’.  I think this is because these are easier questions to answer than those that begin with ‘who’ or ‘why’.
  6. Do you like me?  35% of a brand’s Facebook Fans like a page so they can participate in contests.  The best type of contest? ‘Caption this’ type contests bring in 5.5 times the comments of any other contest.
  7. Deal of the day!  The study shows that almost half (42%) of Facebook Fans will like a page to get a coupon or discount.  It’s easy enough for Facebook users to like something then hide it from their feed if they later don’t want to engage with the brand or are receiving too many updates.

I hope this helps you simplify getting started on Facebook with your brand, personality page, or company account.

Remember this, though: Facebook (and all social media) is just a digital means of connecting with others.

Other humans, that is.