Riddle me this (Why I Like Selling)

Selling connects me to other people, plain and simple.

Sure, I could sit at a desk all day and bang out some code, create some cute graphics, and read the Internet from front to back.

I could blog using a pseudonym about how terrible my life is; hiding from taking real action to change my life into something better.

I could read what amazing adventures others are having, and live vicariously through them.

Or, I could connect, real person to real person, sharing life together.

I chose this path several years ago, inspired by my wife and her strong connection to her college roommates.

You see, I grew up in a military family and we moved around every few years. My roots weren’t deep at all. Then I met my wife, and she encouraged me subtly to explore having only a few strong relationships. Start with one, she said. Limit it to five.

It’s made a tremendous difference in my life. I have filters on all my social media that highlight the activities of these 5 friends, first and foremost. I make an effort to get together with each of them at least once a month, outside of work and other happenstances. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s worth the effort.

My relationships and trust in these five people have allowed me to be more of myself. And not only have I become greater advocates for these five people, they’ve become my strongest advocates, as well. That kind of community can’t exist in a vacuum, and it won’t flourish in too large a group, either.

Let’s say you *are* a coder, a programmer, an online marketer, or even a genuine troll, perhaps a garden gnome. What you *do* all day doesn’t determine *who* you are. It only tells the world how you spend your time.

Riddle me this: Who are you working for? Machines? Skynet? The Matrix?

No, people.

Who are you trying to connect with?

Yes, people.

Yes, people!

I much prefer the company of people to that of machines, don’t you?