Networking and Scavenger Hunts

So if you haven’t heard about this Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt, that’s okay. It just opened up, and you’ve got a couple days to still sign up. I’ll be posting a lot about this Scavenger Hunt over the next five weeks as I attempt to solidify my Online Marketing Skills, extend my network, and meet some great people along the way.

I totally expect this Scavenger Hunt (Twitter hashtag #fpmScavHunt) to teach me some new marketing skills, make some solid connections in the blogosphere, and grow my business into something useful.

You see, I’ve been on the fence for quite some time about whether or not I’m good enough to do anything I’ve never done before (for pay, that is), and the fact of the matter is, I just have to pick myself. You can pick yourself, too.

So I’m going to use this scavenger hunt as a personal challenge to refine my business vision.

Here’s what I have for it so far:

  1. Can work from anywhere (online)
  2. Can scale effectively
  3. Is repeatable (same customer, multiple purchases)
  4. One purchase can lead to additional services

I’ll keep adding to the list as time goes on.

But for now, the scavenger hunt is on, and I’d better get back to it!

Thanks for reading, and if you want to get in on the Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt, do it!

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