My biggest problem with Marketing online is:

Well, I have two, actually:

Overkill and Ignoring Me. Not just me, but you, too.

Maybe you’ve seen this before:  A flashing screen claiming you’re the 100,000th visitor, and you’ve won some incredible prize.A FLASHING BANNER SIGN

Could it be true?  Is it?  Really?  [sarcasm alert]  Yeah, that trick didn’t work in 1994 and it isn’t working today.

That’s what I call Overkill.  You may call it Annoying or Freakin’ Stupid.  Either way, it’s too much, and most people are intelligent enough to see right through your annoying tactics.

Stop it.

Or maybe you’ve signed up for an email list to try something new out and end up getting too many emails or find out you’re no longer interested in product ‘x’.  So you click the unsubscribe button and bo on your merry way.  Only they keep sending you emails.  Grr.

I’ve had this happen to me twice, and it’s incredibly frustrating to be ignored.  You wanted me to listen to you, to sign up to read what you have to say, and I trusted you to provide something of value.  But when I discovered your emails actually weren’t applicable to me, I politely excused myself from the conversation.  Only you kept following me and kept talking.

So I built a wall so I wouldn’t have to listen to you anymore.

Gmail has all sorts of features that can help keep your inbox clean, one of which is their ‘Filters’ function.  I use filters to automatically delete emails from certain senders I no longer want to receive mail from in my inbox.

Here’s the trick:  In your gmail account, click on Settings, then Filters.  Create a new filter, then input your criteria (the ‘From’ field is the most useful).  Click ‘Create filter with this search’ and choose the action.  Since I don’t want to have to handle these emails, I choose the ‘Delete it’ checkbox.  Hit ‘Create Filter’ button and you’re done.  You never have to see those emails again.

Should I have to go through all that work to avoid you?

How does this apply to someone starting something new, you might ask?

One of the best marketing tips Dan Kennedy has taught us recently is that you need to

“Have the right message for the right market at the right time.”

This applies whether you’re just posting to Facebook or running a multimillion dollar ad campaign for a national client.

Fail to follow this truth, and you’ll find people going out of their way to avoid you.  They’ll create email filters or change the channel or not answer your phone calls because they don’t care what you have to say.  It’s not relevant to them right now.  It’s ok, move on.

This is called Ignoring Me.  As a marketer, this can be fatal for you and your client.  Save your self and serve your client well by respecting the prospective customers.

To those marketers making both of these mistakes:  Stop it.

I hope this helps you as you start something big.