Is it breaktime?

How’s your summer break?  Are you actually taking a break, as kids in school dream of the entire second semester?  Or are you using this time to increase your momentum from the Spring season?

Look back at your New Year’s resolutions.

Did you keep any of them?  Did you run out of steam three weeks in?  Are you just taking a break?

It’s already the second half of the year, plus a couple weeks.  Regardless of what your goals are, it’s likely not too late to achieve them.

Feeling guilty?  Don’t.

Just get going, and use that energy toward creating something good in the world.

Maybe it won’t look like what you thought it would when you started, but that’s the point.

If we knew the end result exactly as it would happen, what fun would it be striving for it?  Where is the reward when we can already relish the project, even if it hasn’t begun yet?

But don’t bother re-reaching a goal.

Maybe you’ve lost those 50 pounds and regained them.  Those are new 50 lbs.  They should go.

Maybe you’ve run a 5K race in under 25 minutes.  Time to push for twenty.

Or maybe your business is supporting 15 families, one of which has 9 children, like a friend of mine’s business is doing.  Time to grow.

My friend was sharing a story about his younger days spent playing baseball.  He was an incredible athlete, and could easily outhit, outfield, and outrun any of his teammates.  One day he decided he wanted to take a break, to quit trying to become better.

Guess what happened?

His teammates, and the rest of the league, passed him up within several short months.

Within the same freakin’ season!

Would you have imagined that this star athlete could be so easily outplayed?  It happened, and it changed him forever.

He has since lowered the baseball torch and now has a beautiful family and a thriving business that supports 15 families and gives back to the community.

But he’s carried the sting of taking a break (and subsequently being beat by all his teammates) into his business.  He refuses to take a break, because he knows what will happen if he does.

My friend is an ant, always working, always storing up for the next season.  He plans ahead and makes necessary business adjustments and is handsomely rewarded.

The next time you think about taking a break, remember my friend’s story of taking it easy, and how easily his competition blew past him within a few short months.

Remember to show up daily, and to do the work.

And enjoy where you end up.