100 Post Writing Challenge

I’m starting something new today.  If you know me, you’re not surprised.  Maybe a little.  Nope, on second thought, not at all, actually.

I’m going to write about the challenges of being a serial starter.  About how starting things is okay, in moderation, as long as you finish them.  About the hard parts of being entrepreneurially minded.  About technology, tips and tricks I use to manage my scattered approach (thus far) to life.  About letting ideas flow through me, instead of me hoarding them all the time (like that’s going to help anybody!)

I’m going to write more frequently than I ever have before.  Writing helps me clarify my thoughts because it forces me to slow down.  Not that I enjoy slowing down.  I’ve learned to recognize a truth my mother used to tell me: “You’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached to your body.”  She’s right.

You might read about some ideas I have for new businesses, or a new resource I’m using to enhance my life.  You might also find some hidden tidbit of awesomeness from around the web.  You’re welcome.

There are two reasons for this adventure in writing:

  1. To record my thoughts, in a nutshell.  
  2. To clarify my thoughts on certain subjects so I can grow in them.

Writing also gives me something to refer to later on.  I’ve tried journaling and it’s really helpful, but that’s more of a private thing.

This is not a journal.

This is a public commitment to write twice a week for the next fifty two weeks.

If I knew who to credit for this, I would:

We were born to create.  The great challenge is marrying creativity with discipline in such a way that that discipline amplifies the creativity without destroying it.

I’ve had that quote on a post-it on my desk for several months, and it just keeps talking so much to me that I had to write about it.  It’s a gigantic idea though, and deserves more than a five-hundred word blog post.  Much of this blog is going to revolve around understanding that quote.  Here’s something else:

Most creatives fail to marry a healthy level of discipline with their  creativity. I’ve done this recently, and it’s a big mistake. It’s kept me from making any significant progress in my work and my life.

So I’m throwing down the gauntlet. I’m charting a new course for my life starting today, and I’m going to write about it here. Hopefully my adventures in starting can inspire you to take more responsibility for your own life, and together we can learn more about how to succeed at forging our creativity into something useful.

It’s as simple as that. I’m just going to write.

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    Awesome! Looking forward to reading the 100 posts.